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Hiring Qualified People

Employees are one of your major costs. Hiring good employees that are qualified starts with a written plan by you of what abilities you are looking for.

Create a questionnaire the prospect can fill out themselves to rate their skill level on what areas are important to you. This also gives a starting place for discussion. Do not reinvent the wheel. Use your existing employment application. Make up this one-page questionnaire and put ratings such as Fair, Good, Exceptional.  This is very helpful if you have a problem and need to resolve it later. More importantly, it gives you a training method to improve their skills for future promotions and salary increases.

Employee turnover is expensive so keep this in mind and pay a fair market wage in your area. Employees expect probationary reviews ( we suggest after 90 days on the new job ) and at least annually thereafter. This should review job performance and if possible a pay increase.

What You Should Look For

When hiring you should do a background check as well as checking previous employers. Because of the privacy, concerns in today’s market place you may get very little information but they usually will give you hire and leave dates. Occasionally, you may also get answers to work responsibilities the employee held at their business. The responses you will receive will vary from one business to the next. If you get lucky and find someone that likes to talk just listen, do not make your hiring decisions only on this information.

A company we are impressed with is http://www.insperity.com  for additional thoughts. We all would like to see personal or employer references on their application. However, do you think they are going to give you someone to call who is a “BAD” reference? Probably not so be very careful in your selection process.

When training the new hire try your best to let them work with an experienced employee who knows the job the new hire will be doing. This is much easier if you are a larger company but many companies have fewer than ten employees and this becomes more difficult. You need to ask questions that will relate to situations that happen in the existing position you are trying to fill. The items we have noted are why a good, complete Employee Manual is a requirement of a successful and profitable business. An Employee Manual is Necessary