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More Monthly Profits Franchise/Distributor Program

For less than the cost of taking your franchisees /dealers (customers) to lunch and without spending the time to do so, you can help your customers earn more money every month.

Allow me to introduce More Monthly Profits.

  • Our monthly digital newsletter can grow business profits exponentially and can be read in 15 minutes every month.
  • Your customers can put each tip in use with little or no effort on their part.
  • Help your customers to be more successful. Increase sales, reduce expenses, grow business, and get additional marketing ideas
  • Our existing customers range from $50,000 to multi-millions in annual sales.
  • All business owners, regardless of industry or size, have the same concerns and problems.

Your bottom line. What should you charge?Should

Help your franchisees/dealers be more successful: Raise Sales, Reduce Costs, and Grow Business.

Imagine how excited they will be by having immediate access to 142 tips as of March 1, 2023,  in past newsletters. The existing tips contain actionable ideas they can act on immediately to make MORE MONEY! Also, they will receive 96 more tips in the next 12 months. It is like getting two years of business tips for the price of one year, plus your fantastic franchise/dealer discount.

Our team has over 88 years of successful business operations behind us, and we can quickly provide more growth training for your customers, and you do not need to lift a finger.

Many of our customers say, “they easily make or save $1,000 on each tip”.

Proven Results


Bernie has helped many of our 242 franchisees.

“He has helped them solve many problems and, more importantly, suggested ways for them to make more money!
He has excellent ideas on marketing, reducing expenses, and increasing sales.”

Mark E Domanico
CEO of Luxury Bath Systems-retired


Bernie is a fantastic entrepreneur.

“He built five businesses from the ground floor. He did this in challenging markets and in several different industries. Bernie is an innovative thinker and master problem solver. One idea of his will make you thousands. “

Jeff Gasaway
President -Amazing Transformations

So, what does this do for you and your bottom line?


We can quickly grow your franchisee’s sales, and for every $20,000 increase in sales, with a 5% royalty, you will make $1,000. KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS IS FOR EVERY FRANCHISE YOU HAVE. Plus, they will love you more for helping them increase their bottom line!


Your income is unlimited. We can quickly increase your customers’ sales and increase their profits. By increasing their sales, they will BUY more from you. In addition, they will love you more for helping them improve their bottom line! THIS IS FOR EVERY CUSTOMER YOU HAVE.


Example: 4-75  members cost $ 750. However, with 45 members, the investment annually is only $ 16.67 each.

Example: 76-150 members cost $ 1,500. However, with 90 members, the investment annually is only $16.67 each.

Example: 151-300 members cost $ 2,250.  However, with 187 members, the investment annually is only $12.03 each.

Example: 301-3000 members cost $ 3,000. However, with 800 members, the investment annually is only $ 3.75 each. With 1,500 members, the investment annually is only $ 2.00 each.

Our best price for an individual business is $189 for a 12-month subscription. Our unique pricing can give you a discount of   93%   or more per year.

Why would we offer you such an incredible deal? It is SIMPLE. We can sell more of our newsletters because we have more customers. Our subscription base will explode with the number of your customers added to ours.


Increase Sales and Grow Your Bottom Line

Easily Provide Business Growth Training to Your Customers

1)  Complete the registration form below and choose how many franchisees/ dealers you have.

 2)  You will have immediate access to upload a spreadsheet of your franchisees/ dealers to create their newsletter access automatically.

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