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Our Story

After a 21-year career in banking in various positions and a stint as a Commercial Sales and Leasing Manager at an extensive multi-million dollar car dealership, I started my own business.

I have owned five small businesses built from the ground floor and turned them into multi-millions in annual sales.  Based on the numerous problems all business owners face, we were no different. I know how difficult it is to start and grow a financially successful business. Did I make any mistakes?  You bet! Our team’s experience can help you not make the same mistakes.

 Thankfully, I quickly saw the error of my ways and surrounded myself with a  successful team that increased our profit substantially.

During the last 31 years, I also became a business consultant to help other business owners like me. Using my background and the skills of my employees, we have helped small to multi-millions in annual sales businesses. Why do I do it? Because I love it!

I am giving all the secrets it took me 30 +years of experience to discover. Our team has been doing this for 88 years. You will get all the secrets immediately when you become a More Monthly Profits subscriber.

With the professional team members we have assembled at More Monthly Profits, our experience has expanded to who we can help. YOUR FINANCIAL SUCCESS IS OUR MISSION.

Your Financial Success Is Our Mission

  • The More Monthly Profits Business Experts will expand your viewpoint and teach you small things that can grow your business profits exponentially.
  • The team is experienced at mentoring business owners just like you.
  • These mentors understand the many responsibilities you face day in and day out. Because, they have a  combined experience of 88 years of owning a small business.
  • This digital mentorship program lets you learn on your time with the short, yet powerful lessons available anytime from your devices.

Meet Our Team of Business Experts

Their personal photos

Bernie Mexicotte

  • National Trust School – Northwestern University

  • Consumer Graduate Banking School – University of Virginia

  • Bank Vice-President: Various Divisions – 21 years

  • Commercial Sales & Leasing Manager

    • Multi-million Dollar Car Dealership

  • Small Business Consultant – 25 years

  • Numerous professional seminars over 35 years by top professionals in their industry on sales, advertising, marketing, operations, and personnel management

  • Featured speaker at local, state and national levels

  • Founder 6 Small Businesses

  • Small Business Owner-20 years

  • Small Business Franchise Owner-15 years

  • Sold 5 Successful Businesses- 2000 to Present

  • Current:  Founder-Owner– More Monthly Profits

Anne Marie

  • Bachelor of Business Administration from School of Management – University of Michigan

  • Tax Accounting Experience – 24 Years

  • Currently Senior Tax Analyst, Registered with the IRS

  • Instructor of Both Upper and Lower Level Tax Classes

  • Education Coordinator

  • Small Business Owner – 25 years

Char E.

  • Associate’s Degree, Computer Science- Daytona College

  • Author of Baby Step Thru Computer for Seniors series 1995-2009 (28 books) encompassing Windows 95, 98. XP and Vista

  • Small Business Owner – 21 years

  • Administrative Assistant and Copywriter – More Monthly Profits

  • AKA Computer Granny in her community

Michelle D

  • Bachelor of Business Administration – University of Michigan

  • Small Business Franchise Owner – Retail

  • Retail Management – 21 Years Experience

  • Executive Assistant and Director of Marketing and Operations- Kilene Kelly Group

William F.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Organizational Behavior – University of Michigan

  • Masters of Business Administration – George Mason University

  • Global Communications & IT Consulting Company:

    • Director of Engineering – 3 Years

    • Director of Global Sales – 4 Years

  • Level 3 Communications: Strategic Accounts Director – 4.5 Years

  • Verizon: Global Accounts Manager – 2 Years

  • Trademark Properties: Founder, Managing Director – 7 Years

    • Real Estate Investment Company specializing in single-family and multi-family residential properties.

  • UUNET – Regional Account Manager – 5 Years

  • Staples – Regional Sales Manager – 9 Years

92% of Small Business Owners Say Mentors Have Major Impact on Growth