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Very knowledgeable about small businesses

We Rock the Spectrum - Clearwater

Bernie helped me solve a major problem I had with QuickBooks, and upon reviewing my financial statements, he asked to see my last two years’ tax returns. He determined that my CPA firm had several errors, and he pointed out the errors and had them refile my last two years’ tax returns. When they completed the task per his instructions, I received a high four-figure tax refund. He is very knowledgeable about small businesses and has helped me greatly.

J Burrows

I highly recommend the materials

Primerica Financial Services

I met Bernie while I was working as a Director of Marketing for a Kitchen and Bath center in Northern Michigan, Puff’s Appliance!

Bernie suggested that Puff’s consider offering to their customers his line of custom closets. Custom closet systems were  very popular at that time.  His closet systems looked great, were reasonably priced and easy to install. The benefits for the consumer made the product easy to sell. This was a very profitable addition to Puff’s product line.

I resigned  my position and  started my own company.  I  then sold his custom closet systems  directly to the builders in Northern Michigan.

His primary goal is to create situations which are beneficial to your customers and more profitable for you.

I highly recommend the materials that Bernie has put together to help companies be more profitable.

Gary Stutzman
Primerica Financial Services

Bernie was my go-to!

Luxury Bath & Spa

I’ve worked with Bernie for over 20 years. He is one of the most honest and knowledgeable men I know.

Whenever a business question or concern would arise, Bernie was my go-to contact for guidance.

Bob Reed

You need to know Bernie!

He is an amazing entrepreneur that has built 5 businesses from the ground floor. He did this in very difficult markets and in several different industries. In addition, they were all successful and he sold all of them. He is an innovative thinker and master problem solver. One idea of his will make you thousands. However, if you choose not to take his consulting advice, it will cost you thousands. He is the most honest businessman you will ever meet.

Jeff Gasaway
Amazing Transformations

What a great program!

We Rock the Spectrum - Tampa

As a small business owner it is so helpful having a clear guide to assist you. You should follow and make sure you stay on the program from More Monthly Profits!

Invaluable resource.

M Kapusta

He helped many of our 242 franchisees

Luxury Bath Logo

Bernie has helped many of our 242 franchisees. He has helped them solve many types of problems and, more importantly, suggesting ways for them to make more money! He has excellent ideas on marketing, reducing expenses, and increasing sales.

Mark E Domanico
CEO of Luxury Bath Systems-retired

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