Showrooms are a great investment



Good Looking Showrooms Are a Great Investment

Companies with a showroom are show stoppers. They can drive clients to view you as an expert in your industry.  Keep your showroom clean at ALL times. Wash the windows or hire a service to do it for you. Many services are available for about $10 per cleaning. Dust your displays and clean the baseboards because that is a place most businesses do not pay attention to. Keep in mind there is no better impression than the first one. RESPECT IS EARNED

Showrooms can offer a wide array of customer experiences.   The ability to see and touch products helps customers confidently finalize their decisions.  Drawings shared with the customer on screens (computer or via TV screen) help guide their input and sales expertise to ensure accurate choices are envisioned and completed.

Virtual Experiences

Online virtual experiences are gaining in popularity. COVID 19, unfortunately, has made this more common but let us show how our company can adapt to the current marketplace. These experiences also increase a customer’s reach without coming into a showroom. SMILE AND THE WORLD SMILES WITH YOU

How to Update Your Showroom

Wall paint color choices can impact your showroom.   The number one goal is to ensure wall colors blend with the color of your products.  Bright colors such as red, yellow, and orange are best limited as they can be seen as overpowering to customers.  Logo colors are welcome to promote your brand.

Storeroom upkeep is essential to show you are at the top of your game. Displays must be up to date and attractive.  Flooring life cycles are generally 5-12 years.

This article on showroom best practices is so well done that I cannot improve on what they have done. This article is exceptional, and you must read it!


You can generate leads by offering special events such as product previews and seminars to bring customers into your showroom. Meetings are great if you have a large enough showroom to seat people comfortably.