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create a press release


Create a press release for your social media accounts and your newspaper. Yes, some people still read newspapers. That is definitely true with seniors. Decide who your ideal customer is and find the best way to reach them. This is a perfect way if you are adding a new service or product. Also, when adding a new supplier, this can be a very newsworthy event. The same is true when adding experienced new employees. There are so many opportunities to do a press release. A great item is when your suppliers have recognized that you are #1 or number 10 in the country.

Consumers are Truly Interested

People who already are customers like to see when a vendor they choose is mentioned in a press release. This supports the good decision they already made. It is especially nice when you see you made a good decision. There is nothing better when they tell others about your press release. Believe me; they will tell others. That is the best advertising your business can have. https://www.agilitypr.com/pr-news/public-relations/press-release-tips/

Important Features

  • It must be written with a confident approach. If you are not confident in your words, how do you expect the people reading your message to be confident?
  • Let your personality shine through with a friendly tone.
  • The optimistic tone must be informal and informational.
  • Make sure it tells the story you are trying to get across.
  • Have other people read your press release to make sure they get the point you want to make.
  • Publicity, especially when usually at no cost to you, is a great way to show off your business.
  • When reading the 4 P’s of Marketing, remember your goal is to write an interesting press release.
  • Look at some of the ideas presented there and get ’em.