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free consumer report


Create a free consumer report to email to customers who have asked for an appointment. Also, to anyone who has visited your showroom. Unfortunately, too many people cannot remember everything you told them about your companies services. You may also have printed copies for showroom visitors. This is a great way to express your USP. WHAT IS YOUR UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION – USP?

Your Free Report

I will use as an example a bathroom remodeling business. Give your report a name. We called ours Bathroom Solutions. It may seem so trivial to name your report. However, it gives your potential new customer something to refer to when talking to you. In addition, it tells you that they read the report.

Breakdown The Areas of The Bathroom 

  1. The tub- What type of bathtubs are available- Walk-in tub for safety reasons and ease of use.
    1. Whirlpool tub with jets, heater, and directional jets to soothe painful areas of your body.
    2. Deep soaking tubs are available to replace the 13″ deep steel tubs that many homes built early had. Even many cast iron tubs are not very deep.
    3. One of the most popular options now is to replace the tub with a walk-in shower.
  2. Talk about the current tub surrounds, mostly tile, with leaking grout lines. Do they want a new tile system similar to what they had? A popular solution is to use the many acrylic systems that are now available. Many have a tile look but no leaking grout lines. Acrylic comes in so many colors and designs that it can quickly update their old bathroom.
  3. The floor is another area that is often replaced. You can put new linoleum patterns over an existing ceramic floor.
  4. Cabinets and drawers, and double sinks.
  5. Lighting is another inexpensive way to get a new look.

Using statistics will increase your credibility. Free consumer reports are beneficial for potential customers. However, including your builder’s license number will make you really stand out. It would be best if you also had a section about unlicensed builders and their respective possible problems. Someone gets hurt, and no problem because you have a workers comp insurance policy.

This is an Example Only, and You Should do the Same for Your Company

Mention the little extra things your company does, such as using plastic runners to keep their home clean. This will help show the customer what your USP is all about. http://Your Best Home Starts Here – Consumer Reports